Coogee Triathlon Club Committee

Matt founded the Coogee Triathlon Club and has been Club President and Head Coach ever since. His passion for the sport has seen the Club go from strength to strength. He takes new participants to the sport to the highest levels. His dedication to the Club and its members is demonstrated by the large numbers that turn up to the NSW Club Championship Race each year. Coogee won its division in 2012 and, after moving up in Divisions, the Club has been in the top three ever since.  (2014)

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Wayne Woodward

“8 months ago at 59 years of age, without ever having done a triathlon, I approached Matt Dymond and told him I had registered for Ironman Busselton. Matt accepted the coaching challenge and I am now an ‘Ironman’. Thank you Matt Dymond!

Matt’s expertise and guidance along with the strength of the 226 training squads gave me the tools, the confidence and the belief that I could successfully compete in and complete the Busselton Ironman.

Kudos to you Matt Dymond.” – 2013

Russell Newmarch

“Matt has coached me for the past two years. His conscientious and focused training program has enabled me to complete two half Ironman races and a full Ironman race within a year. His training is structured, varied and the benefits become obvious very quickly (specially around the waist line). On those long weekends full of pain and fatigue he constantly motivates through his energetic and positive personality.” (2014)

Quinn Darragh

“I called Matt one day with a desire to do an Ironman and with zero triathlon experience. Less than 12 months later I completed two 70.3’s and finished it off with Melbourne Iron man. I stayed injury free and exceeded my own expectations. He (Matt Dymond) was spot on with my race plan and had a very encouraging and supporting style. This was really helpful as doing an Ironman with no experience at the time seemed ridiculous to me!” Quinn Darragh (2014)

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Jon Griffiths

“I was a reasonably fit but rookie triathlete when I joined Coogee (Triathlon Club) a year ago. Since then, Matt has encouraged and challenged me such that my fitness and belief in my abilities has grown dramatically. I love the variety of the sessions and locations where we train and the camaraderie of the Club. I look forward to more fun and further improvements, maybe even with my swimming!” (2014)

Lucy Nicols

“The more presence you have at group training sessions/camps the more you learn,, the better you train and the faster you improve regardless of where you start out. For me, balance has always been my number one nemesis hence the importance of enlisting a coach to help guide me through the world of distance triathlon. It is a time consuming commitment and having a coach that helps manage my training performance within the context of balancing for performance across other aspects of life such as career is really important. There are no shortcuts to best performance in this sport. It’s an ongoing process that involves mistakes, triumphs and self-reflection. I have no doubt that I would not have improved at the rate I have without the guidance of Matt Dymond and the support of the 226 Team over the last year. (2014)

Rachael Arnold

“Matt Dymond, 226 coaching, has been my coach for over 12 months now. I started triathlon in early 2010 and worked my way up to Ironman 70.3 in May 2011. I have since competed for Australia at the World Triathlon Titles, in Beijing this year. Matt’s guidance, experience and support is invaluable. The training programs keep me on track and ensure that I do the necessary training, even with a busy lifestyle. In addition, Matt’s passion for the sport of triathlon is contagious! I look forward to working with Matt to tackle my next goal, Ironman Australia, 2012.” (2012)

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Steve Powell

Great training programs. From novice to advanced. Recipient of Australian and NSW triathlon coach of year 2012

World Title representative London World Titles 2012

Nicole Cox

I started with 226 coaching in 2010 when I was relatively new to the sport of triathlon. Matty was encouraging and motivating and helped me to find me feet in the sport. He not only set up training sessions that increased my fitness and skill level quickly, but he also taught me about the technical aspects to the sport. By following Matty’s training program and attending the sessions I was able to qualify for the Age Group World Champs within a year! …..and on top of that, Matty also found a way to make all the hard work lots of fun.” (2011)

Matthew Brumby

What a  great group of athletes coached by a Top Bloke who has time for everyone!

I couldnt have won a World Title with out Matt Dymonds advice and coaching.

1st  World 70.3 Championships 2016

2ND Japan ITU Championship

3 ITU Sunshine coast

10th Beijing World Championships